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    New Orleans Urban Plunge
    Spring Break 2015
    On August 29, 2005, the levees failed and most of the city of New Orleans was flooded. Over 1,500 people died and 100,000+ homes were destroyed - families, businesses, schools, congregations, lives were swept away. The disaster 9 years ago focused the eyes of the world on the profound and persistent problems faced by the poor in New Orleans.

    This March we will be heading down to New Orleans again (our 7th time) to join other volunteers doing outreach, construction and work with youth. Besides just having a blast, if you give your spring break to help the people of New Orleans, you can help a community to rebuild, learn about the complex issues facing their recovery, and explore how to pursue justice and service in your own life. This week could change your life!

    Dates: March 15-21
    Registration Deadline: February 13
    Cost: $350 plus plane fare
    Details & Registration: Click Here

    Informational Meeting:
    Saturday, Jan 31, 3 pm, Phillips Brooks House, Harvard Yard

    Questions: Jeff